It seems that I have been working in the architectural industry for eternity. After high school I started at a technical college, studying an Engineering and Construction course. My grades weren’t high enough to be placed in an Electronics Degree (being the eighties and before computers) so they put me in second best which was engineering and construction. I have been lucky that by accident I stumbled into a profession I love. 


Upon my arrival to Australia I found that my qualification wasn’t recognised so I had to do my architectural degree again (!). Of course I initially enrolled in the wrong course – Architectural Drafting – and decided to see it through. After 4 years of that, I finally studied Architecture, which took another 6 years. People often ask me ‘how did you get through so much education?’ and my answer is always ‘because I loved it.’ 


It must’ve been fate as I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do because it is a profession where both the art and the science collide and merge, and the aesthetics and the practicality intertwined; the visuals and the spaces get created. I am passionate about architecture because it excites the left side and the right side of my brain. After working for 15 years in Sydney for big firms I decided to relocate to Byron Bay and open my own practice. Byron being a small community, therefore reputation is everything, that’s why I take what I do very seriously, there are lots of money and emotions involved in the creation of architecture and everything has to be perfect. I believe the process of creating your dream home has to be a painless journey and an exciting experience. It’s something that you get to do once in your lifetime and my goal is to make sure that that experience is a pleasant, creative process where the client gets involved while their dream home takes shape.


I often overhear people say “I can’t afford an architect” – when in truth you can’t afford not to have an architect! You might think I’m biased but I’m not, after many years in the industry I get to hear many horror stories and see many disasters. What someone spends on architectural fees they automatically save double or triple that amount on site delays, design mistakes etc. etc. Also, by hiring an architect the client makes that money back on resale, as the project being architecturally designed and marketed as such increases the resale value.


The above has been scientifically proven by a research paper done by the CSIRO in 1999, about the correlation of projects cost vs architects fees, the paper states the cost of a project is directly affected by the quality of documentation and design. Whilst living in the house you are enjoying beautifully designed and detailed spaces that make most of the light, orientation aspect and so on. 


Our love of architecture and what we do shows in the outcomes; In 2017 we won 4 awards from the Institute of Architects Australia, Architizer New York, international property awards London, and best house on Houzz worldwide.  Having lived in Byron now for almost 15 years we know the climate, the local geography and typography, council staff and planners, can tell the good builders from the bad ones and thus clients engaging with us for their projects get to capitalise on our experience, contacts and our local knowledge. The builders and consultants that we work with and recommend are  all tried and tested; hence they are as committed and professional as we are. So if you’re thinking of renovating or building a new home why don’t you give us a call on (02) 6684 9408 to have a chat about your project to see if we can help you; 


Our advice and tips are free, our aim is to inform you as much as we can so you don’t end up making mistakes or start building in the wrong spot or hire the wrong people.

 Sam Zaher