Why use an Architect?

There are lots of good reasons to use an Architect as listed below. 
Scientific research has demonstrated that the cost of an architect is rewarded and returned in the construction and final results of a project. In 1999 the CSIRO undertook a study to investigate the factors affecting the impact of poor design or documentation on construction efficiency and costs.

The research concluded that the cost of construction and the time to construct a project are directly influenced by the quality of the construction drawings. Further it indicated that the level of fees paid to the Architect directly affects the quality of the drawings. “Thus a saving that might be achieved by reducing the fees paid to the Architect may be more than offset by higher construction costs and/or longer construction time.”

The research above clearly demonstrates that by not hiring an Architect, projects take longer and cost more to build, hence hiring an Architect is cheaper for the overall project costs, plus providing extra considerable benefits.

Architecturally designed homes sell faster and for higher prices.

A home that makes the best use of natural light, materials, aspects, space and has been built  to the highest possible level of living amenity. sell faster, and for more money than a home where this effort has not been put in. Maximising outcomes for these things does not happen by chance they need to be planned and accounted for.

When you walk into an architecturally designed house designed by us you should feel a sense of everything being just right. And people buying your house, will feel it to. When a house just feels right, people are prepared to pay more, and they will be much faster to make a decision to buy as there will be no feelings of “it’s not quite right”.

We understand how to negotiate the Byron Bay Council

In Byron Bay, building approvals can take a long time, with strong environmental policy and a politically active local population.
Zaher Architects has a very strong knowledge of the local
council’s rules and regulations and are very familiar with the likely stumbling blocks to getting a Byron Bay building project approved quickly, and can help you through this process.

We know the best local builders in Byron Bay

Not only will we design you a great home, we can ensure we help you choose a great team to build it. Of course, the choice of builders is always the client’s and we are happy to work with any building team, but with over 10 years experience in the Byron Bay Shire and many projects under our belts, we are confident in our understanding of which building teams are the best to use, and which are suited to which jobs.
Difficult technical home builds should always be done by tried,
tested and trusted builders of such structures. Quotes from such builders will be realistic, as will their time frames. Be careful of low quote builders who quote not realising just how hard a job is. Most often midway through a project the excuses start arriving as to why the build price needs to be varied, along with the delivery date so you end up paying the higher price anyway, but the project takes longer and may not be done as well.
Far better to take on the right team for the job in the first place.
We work with four local building teams and happily recommend them to our clients, and can provide advice on which team is best suited to which projects. Every team has their areas of expertise and experience and the type of project will suit different builders

We can guide and manage your building project from start to finish

Zaher Architects can make your dream new house or renovation a reality , We can help guide you through the process , bringing your project on budget and on time , save you money and heartache and add value to your investment. Our design solutions are green strategies and environmentally conscious, helping the environment and saving you money on bills.
The process of delivering finished projects involves the creative input of not only the client, us, but also a number of specialist consultants such as structural engineer , energy and waste consultants and quantity surveyor etc. Over the years we have identified consultants who share our vision and professional work ethics and we can advise you on their selection .


Project Mangament

At every step ofthe way, we can be there to ensure the project stays on track. At Zaher Architects we offer the full architectural service or for certain projects we are open to partial architectural services as well.

The four architectural stages are as follows

Stage 1 - Sketch Design
Stage 2 - Design Development
Stage 4 - Contract Documentation
Stage 4 - Contract Administration

Our service goes beyond the front door.

At Zaher architects, we are also able to provide an extensive interior design service, which is part of our overall architectural scope of works. It is highly common for a client to rely on our design knowledge of materials, furniture, fittings and fixtures in order to maximise the overall finished design, and to merge the exterior and interior spaces flawlessly.
Interior design is much more than carpets, curtains and soft furnishings. Benches, tables, lighting, tiles, bathroom and kitchen appliances and utilities. We can show you how to not only get the most out of your house exterior and interior space, but how to get the most appeal and amenity by how you “finish” your new home.

This is especially crucial with renovations that may result in the interiors no longer complimenting your “new” home.


For a case study on how important interior design is, see the video below.

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